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About Me

Here is a little something about me.

I could go off on how my spirit is at one with my photography or some other drivel written in the third person but I'm not (quite) that self indulgent. I've lived in the Northern California wine country for the last 20 years but only taken up photography seriously since 2006. I started out trying to specialize in vineyard and wine related themes but found there is a whole world out there to capture.  I will say that photography for me is an emotional experience. I won't press the shutter unless I'm saying WOW at the scene I'm looking at. Then with a little good fortune and skill, I can convey that same WOW to you when you're viewing my images. The majority of what makes good photography is waiting for the right light. I often think of the title “Until We Meet Again” that I gave to one of my images. Both the image and the title express the thought that magnificent scenes are often short and fleeting but will repeat themselves.

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